7 Ravishing Types Of Roses That Will Make You Fall In Love

by Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Do you know the different colors and types of roses? We always imagine red roses… but do you know they come in different colors, too? White, yellow and blue… almost all the colors of the rainbow. Each one has a different meaning, too. If you’re curious to know, let me share you these ravishing types of roses you’ll love to know.

Types of Roses Cover Photo | 7 Ravishing Types Of Roses That Will Make You Fall In Love

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7 Ravishing Types Of Roses That Will Make You Fall In Love

These Roses Are Undeniably Amazing

Roses are the most common gifts on Valentines, birthday’s, and anniversaries. Though there are other kinds of flowers, no one can beat roses. They are everywhere and you can find them on almost all occasions. Most of the time, people give roses when they declare their undying love, their beauty symbolizes love and serenity. Here’s a roundup of the best roses around the globe with a brief info about them:


1. Rose ‘Dame de Coeur’

Rose Dame de Coeur | 7 Ravishing Types Of Roses That Will Make You Fall In Love

Image via landscapeofus

Rose Dame de Coeur is also known as The Black Rose. It is a compact, small, and deciduous shrub with glossy, mid- to dark green leaves. This type of rose is quite incredible as it survives both winter and summer season. It has an amazing fragrance and breathtaking, long-lasting huge blooms. The red buds of these roses remind me the color of my favorite lipstick.


2. Gold Glow Rose

This hybrid tea rose is the classic rose that has pointed buds. They begin to open during the spring season, revealing the fragrant yellow bloom through fall. The deep yellow petals are stunning which flush slightly red on the edge as they expand. It produces a full bloom with as many as 40 petals.


3. Abraham Darby Rose

This type of rose has a unique and subtle color. It bears large and deep cupped blooms in a shade of pink. Abraham Darby Roses are mostly located in a windy, cold areas. They have a rich and fruity fragrance that are so refreshing. It also has an excellent, vigorous, and medium-sized shrub.


4. Belinda’s Dream

This large double pink blossom, Belinda’s dream rose, can withstand not only hot temperature but cold climates, too. It’s popular because of its fragrance plus these roses are easy to care. It’s a great choice when looking for a rose that can be displayed indoors or arranged in vases. If you’re planning to plant Belinda’s dream rose, it should be planted on a 7-foot center to allow enough air movement.


5. Polonaise Rose

There’s no doubt that Polonaise roses are beautiful, especially with those cherry red blossoms. When the bud opens, the color appears to be slightly purple pink and matures rose pink. It has a moderate fragrance and it is easy to grow. The thorns are awl-like and the color is red-brown. Usually, they bloom from early June until winter.


6. ‘LD Braithwaite’ Rose

These deep-red colored roses commonly bloom from June to September, providing a continuous splash of color all summer long. Of all the English Roses, they have the brightest crimson color. LD Braithwaite Rose is a medium-sized shrub that’s free-flowering. You’ll notice as the blooms age, the elegant Old Rose scent will fill the air.


7. Rose Zephirine Drouhin

Rose Zephirine Drouhin | 7 Ravishing Types Of Roses That Will Make You Fall In Love

Image via gardenvines

Rose Zephirine Drouhin, introduced in 1868, is a thornless climbing rose with dark pink blooms. If you are in a country with a warm climate, this type of rose would definitely be a good choice. It is also popular for its fragrance. This type of rose also flower freely and almost continuously.


Choose which type of rose is your favorite and watch this video from Funnyhowflowersdothat’s channel for their DIY Flower Bouquet Tutorial.

There’s no doubt that Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world. It comes from different varieties and each has its own unique beauty. Now, if you’re planning to gift a flower to your beloved, choose among those beautiful flowers. They are sure to send a silent love message.


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