7 Eye-catching Floral Centerpiece Ideas Perfect For Summer

by Friday, July 22, 2016

Are you looking for amazing floral centerpiece ideas for summer? We celebrate a number of exciting summer events with bright and beautiful flowers. If you want to add a pop of fun colors to your events, we’ve got your back! Here are 7 gorgeous floral arrangements that will make your rad summer more fun!

Floral Arrangement Cover Photo | 7 Summer Floral Centerpiece Perfect For Every Occasion

Image via proflowers

7 Eye-catching Floral Centerpiece Ideas Perfect For Summer

A beautiful summer floral centerpiece may look intimidating. You may find them pretty but they can be challenging to make. Vibrant-colored flowers can create a sunny sensation to any event. It would be boring without flowers, right? Decorating parties with flowers brings excitement. So if you want to add a punch of tropical colors to your party, check out this list of glorious summer floral arrangements that would add shine to any occasion.


1. Bright and Sunny Floral Centerpiece

Sunny weather makes us think of bright and happy colors – pink ranunculus, yellow sunflowers, and more. Cherish the colorful sunny weather with this fun floral arrangement from Elaine. It’s made up of sunflowers, ranunculus, tricks, sweet peas, alstroemeria, daffodils, and stock. This would make a lovely table centerpiece for your party.


2. Corals and Spring Flower Arrangement

Corals and Spring Flower Arrangement | 7 Summer Floral Centerpiece Perfect For Every Occasion

Image via exqdesigns

This warm, tonal spectrum of pink and orange flowers will dazzle the eyes. The combination of free spirit roses, viburnum, blush ranunculus, pink hyacinth, coral ranunculus, coral sweet peas, dusty miller, and jasmine vine look magical. It adds a gorgeous touch of rustic springtime palette. This gorgeous floral arrangement from Exquisite Design is one of a kind.


3. Floral Centerpiece of Roses

Roses make the perfect flowers for a bouquet. They are considered one of the most romantic flowers and they come in different colors. What we love the most about roses is its elegance. These blossoms of fresh roses are gathered into an arrangement that shines from its simplicity.


4. Marigold Mix

Marigold Mix | 7 Summer Floral Centerpiece Perfect For Every Occasion

Image via midwestliving

This floral arrangement from Midwest Living gathered giant orange African marigold, zinnia queen red lime, Yves Piaget roses, scented geraniums, Concolor lace, and lady Plymouth.  Although Marigold has a strong and pungent odor, many florists still love gathering this flower into an arrangement. If you’re up for outdoor parties, Marigold will make the perfect flowers to pick!


 5. Backyard Floral Centerpiece

This stunning flower arrangement from Thinking Outside the Boxwood is a great decoration for the backyard for special occasions. It has earthy feels but will still capture the attention of guests with its color combination. This unique summer floral arrangement consists of persicana plant, coleus blooms, anemone honorine jobert, knockout roses, asparagus fern, and English log.


6. Summer Flower Arrangement

Summer Flower Arrangement | 7 Summer Floral Centerpiece Perfect For Every Occasion

Image via flowershops

This arrangement has sunflower at the center, yellow daisies, white viburnum, pink phlox, and zinnia. It looks simple but once displayed as a centerpiece, the combination of fabulous summer flowers will brighten up your event.


7. Summer Wedding Flower Centerpiece

Summer Wedding Flower Arrangement | 7 Summer Floral Centerpiece Perfect For Every Occasion

Image via orlykhon

This summer wedding flower arrangement will bring cheer to your celebration. The beautiful roses, ranunculus, and hydrangea will add the right touch of elegance and romance to important events like weddings. We love how the soft pastel colors blend together.


Watch this video from Midwest Living for their One-minute Inspiration of Summer Flower Arrangement:

If you want a wow-worthy flower centerpiece for your party this summer, create one of these inspiring flower arrangements that will suit your party style. Enjoy a fun and festive party as the sheer pleasure of summer flowers await you!


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